GoLife team and collaborators on Discovery Island. Left to right, front row: Michael Clear, József Geml, Foo She Fui, Adam Flakus, Jola Miadlikowska. Left to right, middle row: Mohd Hafiz Syukri, our local guide, Shuzo Oita, Betsy Arnold. Left to right, back row: Louise Lewis, Alicia Ibáñez, Lisa Terlova, Lisa Terlova. François Lutzoni took the photo.
Introducing endophytic fungi during the workshop at UMS, Kota Kinabalu (Betsy).
Introducing lichens during the lichen workshop at UMS, Kota Kinabalu (François).
Workshop on endophytes and lichens organized at UMS, Kota Kinabalu (Participants).
Collecting lichen samples on Kinabalu Mountain (Betsy).
Collecting around a waterfall (Louise and Michael).
Collecting lichens along the trail on Mount Kinabalu (Adam).
More collecting on Kinabalu (Jola and Hafiz)
View from Mount Kinabalu.
On Mount Kinabalu (Shuzo et al.)
Kota Belud.
Collecting in Poring (Alicia and François).

GoLife team conducts fieldwork in Borneo

During the summer of 2018 (May 19-June 7), the GoLife team (Arnold Lab: Betsy Arnold, Alicia Ibáñez, Shuzo Oita; Hom Lab: Michael Clear; Lewis Lab: Louise Lewis, Lisa Terlova; and Lutzoni and associated Labs: François Lutzoni, Jola Miadlikowska, Nicolas Magain, Adam Flakus, József Geml) conducted fieldwork in Sabah, Borneo (Malaysia). This trip was possible thanks to the tremendous help (in organizing, executing, and obtaining the export permits) of our local collaborators from the Institute for Tropical Biology and Conservation at the University of Malaysia Sabah (UMS) in Kota Kinabalu: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Monica Suleiman and Dr. Jaya Seelan Sathiya Seelan, as well as the officials and staff from the Sabah Parks. Two students from UMS, Foo She Fui and Mohd Hafiz Syukri joined our team in the field and assisted us in the lab to process plant and lichen samples. We sampled in various habitats, from marine and coastal (Pulau Tiga, Tunku Abdul Rahman Park) to montane and subalpine sites (Crocker Range, Kinabalu Park, Sayap). The Arnold and Lutzoni labs organized at UMS a one-day workshop on fungal endophytes and lichens that was attended by many students and local biologists. Amazing place and people!

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